August 1, 2023

Outsourced accounting service

We provide professional accounting services to meet the administrative needs of clients and ensure compliance with the law.

When using our accounting service, enterprises do not need to hire accountants because all accounting and tax-related tasks will be handled by our staff.


We build professional accounting service packages for various types of businesses, including trading and manufacturing enterprises. We also provide specialized service packages for software and construction enterprises.

Our service consists of:


  • Accounting for arising economic transactions in accordance with regulations;
  • Recording accounting books in accordance with the accounting form that client has registered;
  • Preparing monthly/quarterly VAT declaration reports
  • Preparing annual financial statements and PIT finanlization in accordance with the current regulations of the Ministry of Finance;
  • Organizing and finalizing accounting vouchers and books;
  • Extracting data into PDF and Excel files for the client’s storing at the end of each fiscal year.


  • Registering PIT (initially);
  • Registering faminly deductions and dependents;
  • Calculating montly salary and monthly amount of PIT withheld and payable;
  • Preparing PIT finalization declaration (en of a year)

Insurance – Labour Registration:

  • Registering the payroll salary scale with the local labour agency (usually accompanied by registration of the labour regulations)
  • Labour registration (labour reports)
  • Registering compulsory social insurance;
  • Calculating salary, social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance;
  • Adjusting monthly contributions to social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance when there is an increase/decrease in labour or a change in salary);
  • Declaring social insurance with the social insurance system – KBHXH
  • Social insurance report and closing social insurance books;
  • Annual operation report to the Department of Planning and Investment; Statistic reports to the Department of Statistics; Report on the use of labour to the Department of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs.


In today’s dynamic business environment, unexpected situations can arise, and the enterprise may require urgent accounting assistance. We are available to provide long-term accounting support your businesses.

AT DMC, we provide customized solutions to meet your unique needs and help you achieve your goals. We can help you meet tax reporting deadlines, complete financial statements when your accountant is unavailable, and reconcile accounting figures to ensure compliance with tax and accounting policies. We are here to help you in any way we can.

When choosing our outsourced accounting service, you can rest assured that all your accounting requirements will be thoroughly addressed and resolved.