August 1, 2023

Financial statment review and tax compliance services

Business executives frequently have no idea if their staff’s financial statements are in compliance with Vietnamese accounting regulations and standards. Tax audits often result in substantial tax debts and penalties for companies. This is primarily due to executives’ lack of understanding of current accounting and tax laws, as well as their team’s ability to accurately execute them. As a result, their businesses face significant tax and accounting risks.

Our primary goal is to help enterprises detect any potential tax and accounting risks present in their operations and take necessary preventive measures. We provide a wide range of services, including financial statement reviews and tax compliance assistance, to maximize compliance and prevent any tax inspections by authorities.

Our service consists of:

  • Finding out the operation, accounting system, and internal control system of the Enterprise.
  • Finding out if accounting work is fully documented, timely and compliant with applicable tax regulations.
  • Checking and reconciling data on tax returns, financial statements, accounting books and related documents.
  • Reviewing financial statements to ensure that they have been prepared based in compliance with Vietnamese accounting regimes and standards.
  • Risk assessment, listing possible possibilities for arrears and sanctions.
  • Consulting in preparing necessary and additional documents.
  • Estimating taxable and fines that may be incurred.
  • Explaining and offering solutions to the Enterprise.
  • Completing financial statements and tax reports under the Enterprise’s requirement.